Software Development


Software development (Internet/Intranet applications)
Any on-line activity will have to be supported by strong off-line systems. Many organizations initially setup a strong Intranet system before moving forward on to the Internet. As more and more companies are trying to be Web-enabled e-corporations, and nobody wants to be left out, the challenge now is on the application development side. Once the basic Intranet Network is in place, it can be brought to life only with user-friendly applications to cater to the business needs. Application development for the Intranet is the typical process of software development, however the latest Internet tools and techniques will have to be used; and the skill sets to develop web-applications will have to be continuously developed.

Database development and implementation
An E-commerce application will be complete only when it interacts with the Inventory and other important data like the customer database, product database etc. Thus databases, which are the repository of information and data, are critical for the success of any e-commerce activity.

E-commerce product implementation
There are various software products available in the market, which take care of the major activities of the on-line e-commerce activity. The standard products will have to be customized as per the business needs, and applications have to be built around them to suit the additional business needs specific to every project.

Hosting and server management.
Every on-line e-commerce project involves hosting of the e-commerce application on the Internet and managing the server. In case of on-line activities, which are used by customers and companies for critical business functions, it is essential to host and manage the servers professionally.

Maintenance and support.
Internet and its applications are evolving continuously, and success of e-corporations depend many a times on the speed of their technology up gradation. Maintenance and support provided by the technology service provider will ensure the availability of the best and latest in technology for the benefit of the business.

The Advantage in E-commerce:
Experienced team headed by pioneers in the E-commerce industry in India.
Professional Consulting approach and not the traditional product push approach.
Solutions for commerce, collaboration, productivity, value added services, customer delight
Multiple technology options to suit the business model and the budget.
Life long partnership for continuous growth and scalability.

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